Client Services

"Our founders' experiences in law and legal recruitment mean that we are well connected, know the market, your business, and intuitively
understand your brief."

We will help you make informed and successful recruitment decisions that will benefit your business. 

Why work with us?

We look to create an altogether different experience for the law firms and businesses which we source candidates for. Polite and professional, we listen to your objectives and apply a methodical and analytical approach to every instruction. 


By limiting the number of instructions we undertake, we are able to dedicate more time to researching and evaluating candidates. By testing every candidate's experiences, we intelligently evaluate potential and cultural fit. Only by taking this methodical approach can we promise that every one of our candidates invited to interview will be worth the interviewers' time. 

Our Services 

We are always flexible and understand that it is your preferences that matter. Whether it be a collection of individual assignments, retained searches or more bespoke engagements which we can design for you, we are always happy to help. 


We have experience in succesfully undertaking large recruitment projects for FTSE companies. We have worked closely with General Counsels and Company Secretaries. Our past professional experience enables us to understand the requirements of private practice, public and private companies and funds and this experience steers us to what is relevant. 


Our Approach

Our values and close connection to candidates mean we have a better understanding of them and their objectives, allowing us to introduce only those who fit your culture and expectations. Our services to clients derives a great benefit from our personal and intelligent approach to candidates:


  • Working so closely with candidates means that we are able to screen and evaluate their potential much more effectively;

  • Our understanding of the qualities of top lawyers means we are better able to judge than less experienced recruiters; 

  • Our experience of working for 'magic circle', 'silver circle' and 'US firms' means we understand the nuances and significance of cultural fit; 

  • The quality of our professionals means that we can offer objective, commercial advice that is relevant for your business;

  • We always have an eye for the future, and so look for future leaders; 

  • We are always polite, discrete and maintain confidentiality; 

  • We support and understand the SRA's requirement for you to recruit in a manner which encourages equality of opportunity and diversity. We are open minded about where candidates may come from and always think outside of the box.


Only by taking the time and methodical approach can we assist you with your recruitment requirements.

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